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The Australian Cultural Centre
The Australian Cultural Centre is a private organization administered by Australians. Its mission is to provide educational and cultural avenues to link Australia and Pakistan. The organization commenced in April 2005 with a unique Speaking Naturally English Language Program, a Conversation Club and an WELTS Preparation Program. The Centre has grown rapidly with the addition of a corporate development program and professional short courses. All our courses are designed by Australian academics and represent the latest in theory and practice in the disciplines taught. Our methods and of course delivery, are modeled on current practice in modern Australian educational institutions. Lessons are interactive and dynamic in reflecting the needs of each different group of students. We have both local and visiting Australian teachers as well as permanent Australian staff in administration and academic supervision.
Our Programs
Natural Spoken English
Our Centre is the home of natural spoken English. This course is designed to improve communication between Native English speakers and Pakistanis. This is the only course of its kind in Pakistan. To develop these skills even further we offer a Conversation Club for Pakistanis who have an intermediate level of English or higher. In this Club we highlight skills necessary for conversation and practice these skills in a casual, friendly and relaxed environment.

IELTS Preparation Program
We have an intensive preparation prografocusingng on skill development to achieve individual best results in the IELTS test. We use exclusive Australian materials. Our students have access to a library of foreign resources including a listening centre with a variety of academic and non-academic listening materials for personal study.

Business Communication
Our business communication program uses Australian audio visual materials and multimedia elements to assist Pakistanis interact with Native speakers in multinational organizationsns by telephone, mail and email, including making presentations, writing reports and participating in meetings.
Why Come to Lahore to learn English?
One of the most widely spoken languages, besides Urdu in Pakistan is English. English language proficiency of most Pakistani people is of the utmost standard. Living in beautiful Lahore has more of an advantage to studying English in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S and the U.K because it is 4 - 6 times cheaper.
Having Native Language Tutors and an all English speaking policy on the premises, you will not only have the opportunity to speak just at the centre, but also everywhere you go. Thus, increasing your ability to converse in a natural speaking environment all the time.

Lahore has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. It is a fine place to watch the world rush by. The improbable mix of painted trucks, cars, bullock carts, buseshandicraftts, scooters with whole families amkes it a unique place to study and live. 'A classical city', according to the words of Noor Jahan.

"I have purchased Lahore with my life, By giving my life for Lahore, Actually I have purchased another Paradise,"
Empress Noor Jahan
Pakistan is a country for the truly intrepid. Whether you're trekking in mind-blowing mountainscapes, experiencing life in a Pashtun village, standing awestruck in front of one of the world's biggest mosques or wandering through fabled bazaars, be prepared for a warm-hearted welcome, and expect the unexpected.
Multicultural influences and a pride for hospitality, all of your needs regarding food and amenities will be completely catered for with a welcoming, sincere smile.
As well as becoming a proficient English speaker, you will have an amazing cultural and adventure and experience.
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Contact Us
Australian Cultural Centre
69 G Commercial Area
DHA Lahore
Tel +92. 42 573 0137 and +92. 42 574 4838

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